JBM NEWS! – Raggedass Rose Released Today!

The digital release of Raggedass Rose on multiple internet music sites today marks the return of rocker Justin Burgess.

“I guess I took a sabbatical from the whole music biz,” he said. “With the rise of the whole internet thing it all seemed to flip upside down, backwards, and inside out. Although I managed to release a few albums, it was hard to adapt to the new world, and when life took a bad turn on top of all that, I decided to drop out for a while.”

Burgess shut down his website, social media accounts, and pulled all of his music off of the internet. He also stopped touring, and performing.

“I never stopped writing or recording though. I made Raggedass Rose, and both volumes of Heads Will Bang (all unreleased), I made Shake! And Roach 5 with The AB3 (both original, and available wherever you buy music online), and I recorded the music and audio accompaniment (with narration by Dinah Christie) for a children’s book called “Max MaGee” written by my sister, who goes by the pen-name Railing Morgan. I even managed to play a few charity shows, and volunteered to host an open mic here and there before the pandemic hit.”

Fans of Burgess’ funky brand of rock music will be happy to learn that today’s release of Raggedass Rose is just the tip of the iceberg.

“My goal is to have my whole catalogue re-mixed, and re-released within the next couple of years. I’m hoping to get a new album out before too long as well. I’ll start with the previously unreleased material. That’s Raggedass Rose, Heads Will Bang Vol 1+2, and Love Machine. From there I’ll tackle the first five albums. It’s a big job. Huge. But I think it’s worth it.”

-Ellis Irvine
May 2021