Heads Will Bang Vol. 2 – Unleashed at last!

After years of sacrifice, innumerable hours spent writing, rehearsing, building, recording, honing, and otherwise bullying and coaxing this epic rock opus into existence, Justin Burgess is finally satisfied; Heads Will Bang Vol. 2 has been released.

“This has definitely been my largest undertaking,” says Burgess. “My goal was to take all the insanity and energy of modern day living and bottle it up in an album. Rock music as an art form has the right kind of energy, the power and the depth to pull off such a feat. The other motivation was to push forward in every single way, dig out my best possible performances at every stage of creation – from pre-production to mastering, from composing drum parts to setting up microphones, from beginning to end, across the board. Lyrically that meant conjuring a world, filling it with characters, and making them dance and sing.”

Considering that Justin plays every instrument himself (legitimately, no keyboards or samplers here), is his own engineer, composer, arranger, janitor, and producer, and already has several very good albums under his belt, attempting to top himself in every department was a very tall order. “Making Heads Will Bang was an ordeal – I loved it, rose to the challenge, but it took everything I had. Writing took months – just the music, the lyrics were composed last. Once all the music was written I started recording the entire album one instrument at a time: first the drums, then the bass, then guitars, etc. I am committed to recording each part from beginning to end, like a live performance. That’s how I get things to sound organic – no overdubs. Because of that, each part took on average 3 days to record. Just think!”

Heads Will Bang Vol. 2 takes the listener even deeper into a dark Orwellian world full of addicts, Don Juans, greedy capitalists, shut-ins, and other disasters. The music is heavier, louder, more maniacle than on Vol. 1. The humanity is thick and dirty; all kinds of shady characters populate this landscape, and mortality is palpable. And yet, the overall feeling of the album is impish, playful, funky fun – like a Tarentino movie.

“I may be able to explain that,” ventures Burgess. “One night years ago, before the studio was even built, I had a terrible argument with a good friend at a party. I was so angry and humiliated when I got home that all I could do was pace and fume. Suddenly I though, “this is no good. I don’t want to be angry – I love my friend. I have to do something about all this angry energy.” So I decided to put it into a song. I wrote and recorded “When I Turn It Up I Go Insane” in a few hours that night, and decided this was the direction I needed to go in for my next project.”

So Burgess spent the duration of this creation reading horrible books about reality, watching documentaries about all the terrible things going on in the world, and generally steeping himself in filth and villainy and lechery in order to generate enough righteous anger to burst into song.

“Yes it’s dark and heavy – I used anger and lust to fuel the fire – but it’s also cathartic, melodic, funky, and HUMAN. All that nastiness gets converted into high octane rock and roll fun. And that’s a good thing!”

Ellis Irvine 9/19/21
(once again missed my deadline . . . apologies to my many readers . . . rock ‘n’ roll)