JBM NEWS! – Heads Will Bang Vol. 1 Finally Released!

After years of teasing us with YouTube videos hinting at it’s existence, Justin Burgess has finally released the first volume of his epic rock album “Heads Will Bang” into the world.

“I remember getting the idea for Heads Will Bang years ago,” Burgess explains. “I wanted to write something that felt like a movie. Dark, and exciting – full of crazy and colourful characters, a whole musical world.”

And what a world it is! Full of exploited senoritas, privileged one-percenters, pimps, porn stars, internet addicts, activists, Machiavellian villains, gun nuts, shooters, and the common man all mashed together over a sort of rock gumbo of tasty grooves. Although the music remains solidly in rock territory, Burgess isn’t afraid to pull in elements of other styles. “For one thing, it’s what I like. I’ve always enjoyed a wide range of musical styles. More importantly, though, the world out there is getting a lot smaller. There are so many styles and cultures, and so many disconnected individuals, all crammed together. I wanted the music to reflect that. So I made sure to pull in some latin percussion, and some hip-hop inspired grooves, a bit of funk, a touch of metal, a little movie music, and even bits of documentary.”

The process of writing and recording Heads Will Bang was long and involved. “First thing I had to do was build the studio! While that was being done I started the writing process by recording improvised jams (with myself via Studio Time Machine) while living at a little country cottage – that took about 3 or 4 months. Then I turned those jams into backing tracks, fleshing out the music, spending an average of 3 days on every single part, and finally laying down the vocals. I write by improvising – even the lyrics – on the spot with the track rolling. That means I dig each part out from deep down, I don’t go by a plan, though I do have a goal in mind, I have nothing on paper. No master plan.”

Justin has set himself another lofty goal. He hopes to re-release his entire catalogue within the next two years. Heads Will Bang Vol. 1 is Burgess’ second release since returning to the public scene in May. Heads Will Bang Vol. 2 is scheduled to be unleashed on September 11, 2021.

Ellis Irvine 7/7/21
(missed July 4th release deadline due to . . . rock ‘n’ roll)