Welcome to Justin Burgess Music!

Hello Friends and Fans! Welcome to my new online home. Here you will find all kinds of goodies – videos, photos, News, Lyrics, Blah Blah Blog, and other information about the music. You’ll also find plenty of links you can click on so you can check out the tunes and (eventually) some merch. I do hope you have a great time poking around here, and urge you to check back occasionally for new developments.

I’d like to thank my friend Gavan for sticking with me these last few years, and making sure this site finally happened – by building it himself! Seriously folks, he’s been buggin’ me for YEARS. “You need a website! Lemme build you a website! Website! Website! Website!!” . . . So Thanks Gav!

I’d also like to thank my new friends Sam and Robin, who host a radio show called Electric Dirt on 88.7 FM The River. Their dedication to showcasing local talent is extremely admirable. Sam and Robin went through the trouble of tracking me down to interview me for an episode of their show. Since I’d been laying low since even before the whole COVID thing started, it was no small feat. When I told them I was thinking about releasing some music for the first time in years, they suggested a special one hour Electric Dirt Artist Spotlight to coincide with the release. And that’s what finally got the ball rolling again. So Thanks Sam and Robin!

Finally I’d like to thank my Dad, Andy “The Coach” Burgess. Over the last few years, Coach and I have written and recorded a couple albums (with our friend Peter Novar) as The AB3. Dad was so proud of the music we were making that he decided to take it upon himself to release our music to the world. His persistence and determination got me thinking about my own abandoned albums, and seeing The AB3 on all those music sites was very gratifying. So Thanks Coach!

It’s good to be back, Friends and Fans. I’ve had a very productive and enlightening few years away. Now my batteries are re-charged and I’m ready to face the music! My goal is to re-mix and release my entire catalogue over the next couple of years, starting with unreleased material, maybe squeeze in a new album and some new videos, and then work my way back to the beginning. It’s going to be a long road, but I’ve already taken my first steps in the right direction. So thank you for joining me at my new beginning. Hope you check in from time to time, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

– Justin Burgess